With years of professional service experience working under tight deadlines in theater, film, corporate events and theme parks, INTENSEGRAPHIX provides reliable outstanding results for all your Scenic projects. As lead Artist, Ovidio has applied his knowledge and experience to complete a wide variety of commissioned projects solo and as an artists team leader. Some of his sought after skills include color mixing and matching, wood graining and marbling, creating textures, aging, layout and paint application, carving and sculpting as well as high proficiency with digital design tools and carpentry. Expertise in color theory, perspective, and texture allow him to transform blank substrates into captivating worlds that enhance any overall storytelling experience.

The projects below are just a few examples of Scenic Art work that relate to the more traditional meaning of the term for film, theater, television, trade shows and amusement parks. Most of INTENSEGRAPHIX projects however  involve many aspects of " SCENIC ARTS " techniques.

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