INTENSEGRAPHIX was established in 1993 as a Commercial Arts Studio by Ovidio Direttore ( Ovi ).

“Commercial Art” refers to the commission of Artistic creations for commercial purposes and although in the past was referred primarily as “advertising Art”, it now covers a much wider spectrum. It includes theming, prop fabrication, murals, signs and many other types of Arts produced on commission by clients in the retail, corporate, service and entertainment industry as well as the public and private sector. Over the years INTENSEGRAPHIX has been fortunate to collaborate with designers, business owners, contractors, freelance fabricators and artists to produce professional Artistic solutions that transform a Client's general and at times vague ideas into tangeble concepts, concepts into designs and designs into outstanding final products. By working closely with clients and paying close attention to their unique needs, Ovi through INTENSEGRAPHIX, has developed and built a reputation of consistently delivering high quality reliable products on time and on budget that surpass the clients expectations.


Ovi currently operates INTENSEGRAPHIX from

Beautiful Hope in British Columbia, CANADA

At this time will consider work opportunities internationally

as well as temporary or permanent relocation within the

European Union


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